Dr. Christian Pope became a believer in 1989 and 'surrendered' to the ministry in 1992.  He has been active in Christian service since 1995 as a Teacher, Youth and Singles Pastor, and Pastor.  He has a love for Torah, which chronicles the historic faith of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and Joshua.  He is happily married with three wonderful children. 

Dr. Pope was reared Baptist from the age of two and has participated in both Southern and Independent Baptist traditions and is also familiar with the Brethren, Grace and House Church movements, as well as the Messianic, Nazarene (Netzari), and Hebrew Roots movements.  He has a great passion for understanding the late second Temple period as the backdrop for the whole New Testament.  He is happily married with three wonderful children.

Dr. Pope pastors a mainline denominational church, but for those wishing to associate Dr. Pope with a particular label, he can most closely be considered "Messianic-lite."  

My Testimony

I followed the Baptist teachings for nearly 30 years, but around 2008 I began regularly seeing inconsistencies between what I believed and what was taught in the first-century. I had always had a keen interest in the first-century church, but used my 'western' understanding of the Scriptures or other 'western' Christian books pertaining to this era as my source for understanding. This process kept me in the dark because it ignored the "Jewishness" of our faith.

While this shift is slowly changing, the vast majority of our Christian books on the 'formation' of the early church only sprinkle Judaic concepts into the picture. Most of our theologies start with the church fathers of the second and third centuries, largely ignoring first-century Judaism and the synagogues of this era. Though I had spent thousands of hours studying the Scriptures, including time in seminary, I failed to grasp the rich culture that serves as the backdrop for the followers of 'The Way'. 

While this site is committed to neutrality - where possible - it contains many articles that will help those seeking a deeper understanding of our ancient faith heritage. 

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